How to capture priceless moments

In an era of instant gratification, everybody uses social media to SHARE interesting tidbits of their life, from pictures of their favourite food to their latest holiday snapshots. Here’s how you can showcase a rose-tinted and filtered version of the best moments of your life.

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In this digital age, it isn’t quite enough to have memorable experiences in real life, you have to document them and post them on social media as well. With increasing numbers of people living in real time on their phones, it is no wonder that photographs, films and even selfies are important markers of who we are.
Of course, the devices we use have to capture and display images that are as bright, life-like and vivid as possible. With the new XperiaTM Z3 and XperiaTM Z3 Compact smartphones, this has become a reality. The Z3 models feature TRILUMINOSTM and X-RealityTM for mobile that displays your memories, games, news and in the brightest and best colours and resolution found on mobile. 
Hardware aside, these tactics and strategies will help you build a compelling personal social media presence. 
Vary the type of photographs you post. Instead of boring your followers with say, only close-ups of food, also include shots of other things that catch your interest, from cute animals to gorgeous sunsets. Also, you do not have to put up every minutiae of your life – sticking to the best moments more interesting.
Photo editing apps such as VSCOCam and Whitagram can work wonders at boosting the quality of your shots. Invest a few minutes in adjusting details such as contrast, temperature, warmth and apply some well-chosen filters for maximum impact.
Write a caption
Instead of merely posting a picture or video, include a short caption that explains the context of the photograph. Add a joke or a witty one-liner – people like to read posts that make them smile.
Hashtag awayHashtags are words or short phrases that categorize your image or video and allow others to view your posts when you use these keywords. Research some popular hashtags that are pertinent to your post and use them. If you have too many hashtags to us, consider posting them in a separate comment so that your main caption will not look like spam.
Link upPost your content on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to increase exposure to a wider audience.
NetworkFollow other accounts that you find interesting and are aligned with your interests. Be sure to like and comment on their posts – this will increase your visibility and encourage others to check out your accounts too.
Timing is everythingInstead of dumping multiple photographs on social media all at once, stream your feed so that you post at frequent intervals, to ensure that you get the most mileage out what you put up.

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